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About Us

Waterless, Efficient and Reliable…that’s a Cloudsite™

Cloudsite Development, LLC (Cloudsite™) is a privately owned company founded in November 2009 by John Drossos and a group of private investors. Mr. Drossos is the founder of Dallas based Broadband Venture Partners, LLC, a Dallas based private equity firm.

The Company has developed a unique energy efficient data center product that is designed to enable and better accommodate cloud computing environments. Cloudsite™ has assembled an international best in class facility design team that includes HP Critical Facility Services and Corgan Associates. The first Cloudsite™ data center is currently being developed in Tianjian, China in cooperation with the Tianjin Economic Technological Development Area (“TEDA”).  The Company has plans to develop 150,000 square meters of enterprise data center space in China over the next three years.  Cloudsite™ has offices in Dallas, Beijing and Tianjin, China.

As part of the Company’s product strategy, Cloudsite™ has incorporated an innovative cooling technology as part of its solution. KyotoCooling® is a US patented cooling solution that is highly reliable and very energy efficient. In March 2010, Cloudsite™ acquired the exclusive licensing and marketing rights for KyotoCooling® for North America and Asia through two joint ventures with KyotoCooling International (“KCI”), a Dutch-owned company with its headquarters in Amsterdam. KCI has been in operation for four years and has an installed base of 14 KyotoCooling® deployments.

About us