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It’s not just a data center…it’s a Cloudsite

Cloudsite Development, in partnership with Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone (TEDA), is developing the first sustainable cloud computing data center in Tianjin, China. This 38,000 square meter development will be staged in two phases with Phase I scheduled to be completed in October 2012.  The  Company plans to develop 150,000 square meters of data center capacity in China over the next three years.

Cloudsites™ are uniquely designed to accommodate enterprise and co-location users in a four-story building with three independent data halls and a shared infrastructure floor, providing a compact and scalable facility.  The first floor is the shared infrastructure area with sufficient space to install nine generators, which allows for load growth and up to N+2 redundancy.  Medium Voltage UPS systems provide continuous cooling power availability to meet Uptime Tier III requirements for higher density configurations.  Each upper floor contains a single CloudDeck with its own UPS and cooling capacity.  With build-out modularity and critical power options ranging from 2 to 2.8 megawatts, each CloudDeck provides customers with flexibility for its space and power needs.

All Cloudsite™ facilities are designed by two of the leading architectural and engineering firms in the data center industry, Corgan Associates and HP-EYP Critical Services.   The Cloudsite design includes “flex to load” systems and controls with the implementation of the KyotoCooling® waterless cooling technology that reduces energy costs by up to 50% .  The TEDA Cloudsite™ is designed to be certified as a USGBC LEED Gold facility.

About Tianjin and TEDA

Tianjin is the sixth largest city in China with a population approaching 13 million people. In 2010, approximately 700,000 technical professionals and 2.84 million other employees were working in six advantaged industries - electronic information, automobile, petrochemical, metallurgy, biotechnology and new energy.  To support and grow the attractive labor force, Tianjin has fifty five higher education institutions.

Located 112 km from Beijing, Tianjin has become a major commercial location for US companies with 285 of Fortune 500 companies having established branch or principal offices.  The Port of Tianjin is the largest in Northern China.  Tianjin’s Binhai Airport is easily accessible from international airports and is the largest cargo airport in China.

As one of China's earliest national-level development zones, TEDA was established in 1984 upon the approval of the State Council.  With a strong commitment to create a pro-business environment backed with active promotion and incentives to encourage multi-national corporate investment, TEDA has become a world-class technology-based development area.  Major multinational firms such as HP, IBM, Samsung, Motorola, and Honeywell have invested in 166 projects within TEDA.  Since its inception and through 2010, TEDA has approved a total of 4,870 multi-national projects with total foreign investment of US$62.21 billion.  TEDA has been ranked as the top performing development zone by the Ministry of Commerce for fourteen consecutive years and has a well-established reputation for producing the highest rate of return on foreign investment in China.

In 2010, TEDA became actively engaged in creating the foundation of a long-term plan to support the international growth and development of cloud computing.  HP, in cooperation with TEDA, opened a 4,000 square meter Cloud Executive Briefing Center in TEDA’s Binhai Cloud Computing Park to provide customers in China and the region with hands-on experience in building, enabling and operating cloud environments. The Cloud Executive Briefing Center is located directly across the street from Cloudsite Development’s building site of its TEDA Cloudsite™.

The Binhai Cloud Computing Park is a prime location for data center development.  This area has access to the reliable Beijing-Tianjin-Tanggu Power Grid supplying power at a capacity of 650,000 KVA and a large of supply of redundant telecom infrastructure.  TEDA is marketing the Park very aggressively with various tax and development incentives to attract leading multinational technology companies to move cloud computing related businesses to TEDA.  TEDA estimates that data center development in the Park over the next three years will exceed 100,000 square meters of facilities and 80 megawatts of power.